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15 December 2013

HMAS Three Cheers

1158-Three-CheersHuskisson Ship Building.
Another photograph in the museums collection.

Story of the Three Cheers Navy History
HMAS Three Cheers paid off on 20 February 1946 to await disposal. In June 1946 she was sold to her former part-time owner Mr A.W. Settree.

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This photograph illustrates just how dynamic the ship building industry was at Huskisson, the foreshore is a mess of building material and debris, a far cry from the area now.
There didn’t seem to be much regard for the local environment back then or it seems thought for the future.

Like all industries in those days the end product justified the ways and means, Eventually the ship building became unprofitable and faded away, leaving the area to slowly become the magnificent place we see today.

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