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17 December 2013

Changing tides

tides-in tides-out The tides comes in and the tide goes out.
The ebb and flow of the tides makes the mangrove forest a fascinating place to sit and observe.Take a walk along the long winding elevated walkway at high tide and then again at low tide and it presents the the observant a completely  different world altogether.
It’s amazing how many species of fish you will see amongst the mangrove roots and across the sand flats and then at low tide the sand is alive with crabs and crustaceans all scurrying madly about looking for food between the tides.

These unique forests play a vital roll in the health of the  rivers ecology by consolidating the sand and providing a safe home for juvenile fish, crustaceans and shell fish. They protect the river banks in times of floods by slowing the speed of the water and dissipating it’s force. They provide a rich source of minerals and habitat for water birds and many more important things.

Mangrove forests are under threat all over the world and are protected in Australia, so please look after and respect this fragile environment.

The walkway is accessible by following the signs at the eastern end of the pond or ask the museum staff for directions, they will be more than happy to help.

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