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6 December 2013

Cape St George Lighthouse



Shattered fragments of history

Following on from previous posts about the lighthouse, here a few more small shattered relics.
There mostly all small fragments of crockery as well as a copper nail from the roof and one of the many slate roof fragments that litter the site
One would presume the crockery was at one time used by the lighthouse keepers and their families.
I find this stuff pretty fascinating.
I hope you do.

crockery-piece-found-2013---4 crockery-piece-found-2013---8 crockery-piece-found-2013---5


crockery-piece-found-2013---7 crockery-piece-found-2013---10
crockery-piece-found-2013---11 crockery-piece-found-2013---9
copper-nail  slate-off-roof Beautiful detailed decoration.
on these fragments of local history.

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  1. If anyone can find a plate etc that matches one of these designs please let me know.!