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9 December 2013

100 years of Naval History exhibition finishes.

pulling-out-the-navy-exhibition-2013Cleaning up.
After another very successful exhibition finishes all there is to do is clean up and get prepared for the next one.
Today the 100 years of Navy history exhibition was pulled out and packed away and the Vera Hatton Gallery will be prepared for the next exhibition featuring a selection of artwork by the JB Arts Group called Endless Summer.

The Navy History exhibition was well attended with a lot of positive feedback, the old video and archive photographs were a favorite with the visitors.
The Lady Denman management would like to thank the Navy both Creswell and Albatross for their contributions and help with the exhibition.
The next exhibition - Endless Summer
Artwork from the exhibition will be for sale, so if your looking for a unique piece of artwork for you wall by local artists don’t miss this exhibition.
The exhibition will open on the 14th of December until the 11th of January.

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