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16 December 2013

Samuel Elyard

1877 and an Australian artist by the name of Samuel Elyard painted the Cape St George lighthouse.
The museum has a collection of these wonderful paintings on display.
Samuel Elyard was born on the Isle of Wight England in 1817, he specialised in water colours and oil painting as well as photography, recording many scenes throughout the Shoalhaven region in all mediums.
His collection of images and paintings are a valuable insight into the history of the Shoalhaven.
He died in Nowra on the 23rd October 1910 aged 93.
His life is a fascinating story and defiantly worth a read.
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samuel-Elyard-painting samuel-Elyard-painting-same-position-photograph
Above is one of the painting on display at the museum showing the lighthouse looking back from a northern aspect and also a photograph of the lighthouse as it’s seen today from the same position.
Painted in 1877 -  Photographed 2011 Rob Slater






The artist and photographer Samuel Elyard

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  1. Interesting life of this artist! I like the comparison of the Elyards painting and Slaters current photo of the lighthouse.