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28 December 2013

St Georges Basin

basin-viewA magnificent waterway on the south coast.
The traditional custodians of the land surrounding St Georges Basin were the Indigenous Australian Yuin people, who named the basin as Bherwherrae or Bherwherree.
European surveyor Thomas Florance renamed the body of water as St Georges Basin on 29 November 1827, while tracing from Jervis Bay to Conjola.

The basin covers a catchment area of 316 square kilometres (122 sq miles)  an estimated surface area of 40.9 square kilometres (15.8 sq miles); and at an average depth of 5.3 metres (17 ft).

800px-OS2U_107_Sqn_RAAF_in_flightWorld WAR II

From 1943 to 1945 a squadron of 15 flying boats operated from the shores of the Basin. No.107 Squadron from Rathmines was transferred to the Basin and ran anti submarine patrols along the coast.
They were involved in an intensive search for the German U boat U-862 that sank American Liberty Ship Robert J. Walker off Moruya on 25th December 1944. This amazing image was taken by a US Navy employee or sailor and is in the public domain.

A No.107 Squadron OS2U Kingfisher.

Ref; German U boat U862  - Read more. 1 and 2 this article contains pictures.

History is an amazing thing…


Before 2002 the waterway was heavily fished and netted by professional fishermen, in 2002 it was declared a recreational fishing haven, with the government buying back all the commercial fishing licenses.
This has resulted in an amazing turn around in fish populations with many species being caught these days that were considered fished out before 2002.
It has become a hot spot for fly and lure fishing, one commercial tour operator has a policy of catch and release and many huge flathead and bream are released back into the system.

The water way can be enjoyed by all, keep and eye on the weather and enjoy the sunsets from the eastern side, they are really quite amazing, so take you camera.

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