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12 December 2013

Husky Pub - Owen St Huskisson

hp1 Jervis Bay Hotel.
The original sites hotel/pub history goes way back to 1895, when the Cambourn Family built the Jervis Bay Hotel on the same site.
1383-Owen-Street-aa Husky Pub in the 60’s
The current building was built in 1932. It underwent some gradual changes over many year but essentially stayed the same, later becoming the Iconic town symbol known by the locals as the “Husky Pub”.
1383-Owen-Street-aa-dec-2013 The Huskisson.
Changes to the pub have been an ongoing process, the recent renovations have kept the essence of the old and combined it with a new approach catering to families and holiday makers.

Thankfully the pub has weathered the development storm that has effected much of the coastal villages where old buildings with character have been pulled down for new development, the pub is now regarded as an historical building assuring it’s survival and a link to the local areas rich history.

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