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14 December 2013

Jervis Bay electrical storm

lightning-storm-over-jervis-bay-by-rob-slater-aLong exposures.
Late last night the bay had a wide slow moving electrical storm sweep across the headlands, there wasn’t any streak lightning to be seen mostly back lit storm clouds.
There was a bright 3/4 moon high in the western sky illuminating the beach, I did a couple of long time exposure shots and here are the results.

lightning-storm-over-jervis-bay-by-rob-slater-e lightning-storm-over-jervis-bay-by-rob-slater-flightning-storm-over-jervis-bay-by-rob-slater-g

The light in the foreground is the result of the ambient moon light, except the last shot where I shone a torch into the water exposing the sand in the foreground.
Eventually the wind blew to strong causing to much blur and it was time to leave.
Jervis Bay is full of wonder if you get out and explore.

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