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26 December 2013

Bullock Team

In the early 1900’s the bullock teams were used to haul wool from the Riverena, Yass, Braidwood and Nerriga areas along the road now called Trunk Road 92 to the coast and Vincentia, have you ever wondered why the road through the back of the St Georges Basin area is called the Wool Road, well now you know.  Once they reached Vincentia the wool was loaded onto small boats and transported out to waiting ships, eventually a wharf was built to make loading easier.


The barque, Cygnet and the steamer, Sophia Jane, at the wharf 1843 - Another beautiful painting on display at the museum by Ian Hansen.

Eventually drought and the extended railway to Goulburn saw the port of Vincentia decline back to unimportance. Vincentia was once part of the area known as "The Old Township" or "South Huskisson". In 1952 it was renamed Vincentia (after the battle of St Vincent) by developer Henry Halloran.
The museum has a fine world class collection on display of many of Henry Halloran’s surveying equipment.

bullock-team--a Bullock Team with a load of sawn timber at Huskisson.

Spotted Gum the favoured timber.


By the late 1900’s the Bullock teams were used for hauling timber to Huskisson to be used for the local boat building industry and to be shipped off to Sydney. The timber of choice for ship building was Spotted Gum readily available from the surrounding forests. Great teams of bullocks were shackled together, the timber was cut by hand, dressed where it fell then dragged by one end out of the difficult terrain by the bullock teams, this was called snigging, they were then loaded onto Jinkers then pulled by the bullock team to Huskisson.

Fig_04_Jinker4 wheel under slung Jinker diagram.

139-Full-frame-of-the-Desikoko--a Here you see the timber being used for the Frame of the Desikoko
continue reading about the Desikiko

Time Travel: Visit the museum and immerse yourself in the rich history of Jervis Bay.


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