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19 December 2013

HMAS Sydney III Propeller brings back memories.

melbourne-prop-and-vets-2013 Vietman aboard the “Vung Tau ferry”.
Two local Vietnam Veterans visited the museum today with a friend and neighbour, Paul Newman.

Paul took this photo of of Mike Dickson and Graeme Ritchie sitting on the propeller and sent us the photo with some details.|

Paul: This propeller from HMAS Sydney III delivered these two blokes to the Vietnam War, 1971. Affectionately known as the Vung Tau ferry. — with Mike Dickson and Graham Ritchie at Lady Denman Heritage Complex 2013.

Paul said they enjoyed the visit to the museum very much and were amazed at the history the museum has on display.

hmas syndey 111HMAS Sydney III
Vung Tau Ferry.
As the overall role of Australia's military increased in Vietnam so did the involvement of the RAN. The converted aircraft carrier HMAS SYDNEY had been transporting Army personnel and equipment from Australia to Vietnam since May 1965. This ship was to become a familiar sight and temporary home to some 16,000 Australian military personnel as they deployed to Vietnam or returned to Australia. Because of these trooping runs SYDNEY was affectionately known as the `Vung Tau Ferry'.
During these deployments SYDNEY was escorted and protected by other units of the RAN. On at least one such trip her escort included the aircraft carrier HMAS MELBOURNE, though MELBOURNE did not enter Vietnamese waters. She entered the operational area which extended out to 100 nautical miles.

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  1. Graeme is actually 'Graham'

  2. Thank you, I will change that,,,you can blame Paul for that one...Glad you enjoyed you visit.
    If at any time you have something you may like to contribute please let me know.