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20 April 2018

Ships in Jervis Bay

HMAS Leeuwin 245
In the hazy subdued afternoon light HMAS Leeuwin entered the bay.

Leeuwin enables the Australian Hydrographic Service to gather high quality hydrographic information at a much greater rate than the ships they replace. The ships are 71 metres in length, with a beam of 15 metres, and a draught of 4.3 metres. Each ship displaces 2,550 tonnes and is manned by a crew of 46 officers and sailors


Ref: http://www.navy.gov.au/hmas-leeuwin.


Jervis Bay the Young Endeavour.

The Young Endeavour sailed into the bay today.  She made an impressive sight under full sail with Point Perpendicular in the background.

There is a fair amount of sea mist about today and these photographs were taken from Huskisson so the end result is not as clear as they might be.


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19 April 2018

Huskisson 1930's

An amazing view of Huskisson from the 1930's. The bay side town was a lot quieter place back then.
Izard's store from the photograph below this one, can be seen where the present day RSL is located.
I believe the building on the left forground was moved and became the scout hall behind Huskisson oval which was then burnt down in the devestating 2001 bush fires.


Click on the image to enlarge.


Huskisson 1935

Izard/Bryce/Roux's general store Owen Street.

Built by Bert Raunch; later owned by Bryce, Chancellor, Hindmarsh, then Izard.  It was used for Army accommodation during WWII, then was empty for some years before being reopened as a store by Norman Roux, who ran it as a successful milkbar and cafe.  He later sold it the the RSL.


I have no information on who the young lady is.


18 April 2018

Huskisson 1961

Pedersen's Friendly Service Store


Pederson's Store C. 1952 - 1970
Pederson's store formerly Auld's and others, was one of the longest-lived mixed businesses in Huskisson. It sold everything from milkshakes to fishing tackle, including veggies and cups of tea, and got very busy in holiday time. But things were a bit more laid back in those times.

"Regular campers would come every year, young blokes in their 20's.  If we were really busy they would jump the counter and serve themselves,  then help us serve the other customers.  We'd often get knocked up at three in the morning to dish up fisherman's breakfast.


14 April 2018

Lightning across Jervis Bay

Half way through Autumn and the area has been very dry and hot more like the middle of summer.  Last night the bay was in the grip of a large violent thunderstorm which despite the dark and rumbling skies didn't produce any worthwhile rain.
Below are a few photo's of the lightshow which ensued.




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13 April 2018

Cape St Goerge Lighthouse - William Markham –

William Markham was the assistant lighthouse keeper at the Cape St George lighthouse from about 1878 to 1883. He was kicked in the head by a horse and died before he reached Nowra Hospital.


Living and working in such an isolated and unforgiving location was full of risk. William Markham was the sixth death at the lighthouse since it's construction in 1860, shrouding the lighthouse in misery once again.

Travelling along the dirt road to the lighthouse now is a relatively easy journey, but one can easily imagine how ardueous it would have been by horse and buggy.

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Princess Highway 1930's

How times have changed
Old newspaper articles speak of a time when a journey from Jervis Bay to Ulladulla could take up to 8 hours, even days when it flooded and washed away bridges.


Princess Highway Tomerong 1930's.


11 April 2018

Inside the Kingfisher.

11 April 2018
An ongoing project.

Today I took some photos of the inside of the Kingfisher.  Built shortly after World War Two at A.W.M Settree’s boat shed on Currambene Creek for the purpose of fishing for kingfish on and beyond Jervis Bay.

inside-2018-april-11Detailed view of the bow.


The bow.

Looking towards the stern.

Detail of the engine cradle.

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10 April 2018

Whaling in Jervis Bay.

15 July 1914.


Debate about the benifits of whalers operating from Jervis Bay was still going on.

News of the prospective arrival of Danish whalers in the bay was viewed with abhorrence by local residents. The locals could not see any benefit for the local economy saying the ships brought
all necessary supplies and did not deal locally, they also complained about the stench from the operation being unbearable.

Supporters of the whalers denied this and said the ships spent considerable amounts on stores and goods.

"It certainly does not seem possible for a vessel to carry provisions to last 100 men some months, let alone bunker coal."

Supporters saw the whaling industry growing and urged the Huskisson residents to reconsider the matter by welcoming and assisting the ships when they arrived in the bay.

Supporters  - The smell in the bay was not nearly as bad as alleged.  Anyhow, there's surely room for all.

- That last statement doesn't seem all the convincing! -

Have you wondered what whale oil could be used for.
Taken from the same paper.



Shark stories –Jervis Bay

I found this story in a copy of the Australian Womans Weekly dated March 5 1938.


Lured by the beauty of the blue-green of a rock pool, Miss Anne Grey set out on an adventure which might easily have ended in tragedy.  Lurking in the depths was a 7ft shark.

While on a holiday at Jervis Bay I went through an experience I shall never forget.  One morning I decided to go for a walk around the rocks.

After walkinjg some distance, I thought I would sit down and have a rest.  From the rock I was sitting on I noticed a delightful pool, so I took my shoes off and started to paddle. Looking towards the beach I noticed two fishermen coming in my direction.


One of them called, "Get your feet out of the water"

I just looked silly,  and still went on paddling, when all of a suden I was pulled up roughly to a standing position.  Then the fisherman said,  "Now look in that pool and consider yourself lucky your've still got your legs."

I looked and noticed a movement of what I thought was another rock.

It was a seven-foot shark which had been washed through a channel in the rocks and got caught in the pool.  The fishermen had seen it earlier and went back to get tackle to catch it.

When later I saw it dead and it's jaws open you can imagine how I felt. That was my greatest adventure.

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7 April 2018

Ships in the bay

April 7 2018
The beautiful tall ship Young Endeavour is anchored off Huskisson today, she makes a beautiful elegant sight, her sails are furled tight against her masts and her flag is flying proud in the stiff north east breeze currently blowing across the bay. She is making her way to Sydney from Victoria expecting to arrive there on the 13th April.
Young Endeavour is operated and maintained by the Royal Australian Navy, the vessel is used to provide sail training to Australian youth.


HMAS Yarra is also in the bay and at the time I took the photographs was in close proximity to the Young Endeavour.


Seaking II, One of the last remaining commercial fishing trawlers operating from Huskisson is seen astern of the Young Endeavour.


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Cape St George Rescue

In 2008 I was near the old Cape St George Lighthouse when a young man broke his femur, being at the base of the cliff and in extreme pain, we called 000 and within 30 minutes the Air Ambulance from Albion park was hovering over the scene.
The young man was lifted off the rocks and flown to Wollongong Hospital. The rescue was an amazing thing to watch.

This area has been the scene of many sad and tragic stories since the old lighthouse was built. Fortunately this one ended with a successful rescue.

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5 April 2018

Jervis Bay Maritime Museum


Bring the whole family along to the museum, explore the beautiful gardens, feed the fish in the pond, watch the local sea gulls swoop across the water, take a trip back in time, immerse yourself in the history of Huskisson, Vincentia, Jervis Bay and surrounds. This is a truely amazing community asset which came about because of the hard relentless work of volunteers over many years. 


4 April 2018

Royal Navy Corsair ditches into St Georges Basin 1944

1944  -  Young Fleet Air Arm pilot Sub Leutenant Leonard took off in his Royal Navy Corsair from RNAS Jervis Bay on a training run,  shortly after taking off the engine caught fire and Leonard was forced to ditch the plane into St Georges Basin.  Leonard escaped injury. The Corsair laid in the shallow basin undiscovered for another 18 years.


1962 - Reports over many years of something snagging local fishermans nets led some locals to investigate the site,  this led to the discovery of the Royal Navy Corsair laying in the St Georges Basin mud. The Corsair was raised by attaching steel 44 gallon drums to the aircraft then filling the drums with air.


News of the discovery soon reached the N.A.S. (Naval Air Station) Nowra, which immediately sent POAF(O) Tiffen to the site to check the guns and unload them if necessary.  He returned with 2.200 rounds of point five ammunition which he had removed from the crashed aircraft, two of these rounds were recovered from the breaches of the guns.  The ammunition was in poor
condition but quite capable of being fired.
The guns from the Corsair were removed the following day, six guns in total which were in surprisingly good condition. It was decided to restore one of the guns.

The photograph below shows the gun after restoration, the gun was now fully operational.


The reasons why the guns remained in such good condition was though to have been because of their excellence in manufacture and the preservative effect of the St Georges Basin mud.

After removing the guns the remains of the plane were destroyed.

The guns recovered were. Point five calabre maching guns, manufactured by the Colts Patent Fire Arm Company, Hartford, Conneticut, USA. They were capable of firing between
400 and 800 rounds per minute.

The Corsair was designed as a carrier-based aircraft used mainly in World War 2, but it came to and retained prominence in its area of greatest deployment: land based use by the U.S. Marine Corps.

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2 April 2018

Jervis Bay Easter 2018

A beautiful morning today for all the early rising Jervis Bay visitors.
5 gently swaying sailing boats were moored in front of Huskisson taking advantage of the glorious weather.