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24 November 2013

Notorious is in Jervis Bay


is a recreation of a 1480's caravel, researched, designed and constructed by Graeme Wylie. The ten year project used 300 tons of reclaimed timber. 'NOTORIOUS' was launched in February 2011 at Port Fairy.
'NOTORIOUS' is an opportunity for visitors to experience 15th century nautical ambience.

The Notorious was in the bay just before the First Fleet Review but she quietly slipped out before the Navy crew turned up and crowded out the usually quiet waters of JB.
The next time we heard anything about her, was when a friend snapped a pic as she was coming in to Port Macquarie, which is in a previous post.

While in the bay.
Notorious dragged anchor in gale force winds in Boat Harbour inside Beecroft Peninsula.
People sometimes say ' What'll she do mate, about three knots?' From now on we'll say 'Mate, we can do three knots backwards, dragging a 100 pound anchor through the sand'...

If you want to keep up with this amazing little boats journey you need to visit their Facebook page.
I'm sure they would be happy to get a response or two.

Facebook link. Read more.ryan doyle pic of notorious

A friend took this pic this morning as he was going fishing.
Thanks Ryan.

Pic: Ryan Doyle

notorious-in-bay-4-nov-2013 notorious-in-bay-5-nov-2013 notorious-in-bay-6-nov-2013


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