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20 November 2013

Flight of the Ibis

Morning paddlers.
paddlers-nov16--013 This morning during my regular walk along the mangrove boardwalk
looking for photo opportunities and enjoying the serenity it was high tide so the feathered waders weren’t about, but I came across a friendly trio of paddle boarders who were enjoying  themselves drifting slowly between the mangroves.
It’s really is another world underneath the low mangrove canopy.
Two of the paddlers were visiting the area from Canberra and said how much they were enjoying their time on the coast.

sacred-ibisWhite Ibis
As I was finishing my walk a loud call came from a huge dead tree way above the mangrove canopy.
I managed to shoot a couple of pictures of another local mangrove visitor before it flew away.
The White Ibis, common all along the coast is often see wading in the shallows around the river edges.

white-ibis white-ibis-2

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