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28 November 2013

Huskisson Whalf


Currambene Creek.
Another photo from the Museums collection showing an era long since past.
It certainly is a different place today.

This picture features a 40 ft, AWB, Australian Work Boat, 671 Detroit, they still have on operational in Sydney.
Details supplied by local man Paul Newman who served in the Australian Navy Submarine Service for many years.

Part of and article written by Graeme Andrews about these boats
A surprising number of these World War Two designed craft still exist. Instead of the original AWB work boat role they can be found working as ferries, tugs, fishing boats, luxury motor boats and so on. For hulls that were intended for use in war with no need of long working lives, the AWBs are an impressive illustration of how well Australians can build boats.
By Graeme Andrews.
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The picture also shows the original RSL Hall that’s the building with the brown door with windows either side, it was relocated to a block of land in Kioloa St beside the Huskisson Bowling Club and became the original Huskisson Scout Hall, it was burnt down in the devastating fires of 2001.
By Micheal Strachan Retired Scout Master.

Some of the cars have been identified and help lead us to the age of the image.

Greg Rickard From left....FE Ute (56-57) with Canopy, FE Sedan, and the two darker cars on the right appear to be US made. Left of these 2 appears to be a Chev but I can't make out the other?


  1. Which one is the AWB?

  2. We were asked to clarify which vessel was the AWB in the photograph, that would be the light blue vessel with the solid cover over the mid section to the left near the wharf.
    If you click on the link "Read more" it takes you to a whole gallery of pictures of the AWB series.