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4 November 2013

Broken Dreams

part9The wreck of the Walter Hood.
Wrecked just North Of Bendalong in 1870.

There’s not much left of the Walter Hood, beaten by the oceans relentless motion, currents and storms and pillaged by divers and souvenir hunters over many years it still makes a fascinating dive.

If you visit the site pay your respects at the mass grave site located near by of the unfortunate victims of that tragic event.

The Lady Denman Museum has a collection of relics including the bell on display and is well worth a visit.

This is the remains of one of the many bottles recovered from the wreck, it shows how with time nature finds a use for everything, this small tube worm must have thought he had found a nice spot to make his home.

This is an Historic Wreck protected by the Historic Shipwreck act 1976 – Please do the right thing and report any finding to the authorities.

You can also bring any items to the Museum where they will be recorded and reported to the appropriate authorities.

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