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13 November 2013

Crest Restoration


Pitting of the hull
This is what the Crest restoration team found behind a few layers of Copper Sheeting designed to protect the hull.
It’s to be expected from a vessel of around 100 years old.

The Crest is the only surviving example of the many Jervis Bay launches built at the Dent shipyard at Huskisson.

If you visit the museum, make sure you stroll down to the shed next to the pond and have a close encounter with one small piece of this areas rich maritime history.


Looking at Huskisson today it’s hard to imagine that ships of this size were ever built along it’s banks.

This clipper ship was one of the largest ships built on Currambene Creek. Around 180 feet in length the hull and super structure were built in Huskisson and the mast stepped in Sydney where rigging was also fitted.


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