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21 November 2013

Huntsman Spider

Shedding an old skin.
I found this fellow/lady? hanging off the side of my computer today.
Woollamia is bug central and everything that crawls, slithers, flies and bites lives in Woollamia.
I have seen plenty of the empty spider exoskeletons in my sheds over the years, but this was the first time I have seen one in the transition stage.
Unfortunately I missed the part where it came out of it’s old skin, but found it hanging below it’s skin as illustrated in the first photo.
The rest of the transition took about 15 minutes and was fascinating to watch, with my new friend finally scampering off around the back of the computer, hopefully to chase some of the other bugs in my workshop.
No doubt it will make me jump out of my skin sometime in the future when our paths cross again.
Hope you find this fascinating, because I did!!

spider1 spider2 spider3 spider4

spider5 spider6 spider7

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I threw this small video together of the spider releasing it’s used exoskeleton

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