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13 November 2013

Museum Roof Inspection

Capture-8John Hill our Museum tech guru was tasked with doing a roof inspection on the Museum this morning.
Since John knows better than to climb ladders he used his skills as a pilot and flew his Phantom Chopper with Go Pro camera attached and made it all look so easy with the safety of having both feet firmly planted on the ground.
This nifty little craft is another amazing piece of technology that can be put to many useful purposes.

Below are a few frame grabs from the flight.

Capture-2a Capture-4a Capture-5a  Capture-9 
Here we see the Phantom flying over the Museum roof.
After inspecting the video footage we could see the tiled roof section of the museum had a few tiles that looked like they needed attention.


Here we see John preparing his Phantom Chopper with a group of his flying feathered friends looking on.


  1. Great Talent this Photographer has working at the Denman

  2. Thank you, it's good to know there being enjoyed.