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25 April 2018

Yalwal - Dangera Dam

It had been many years since I have been to the area west of Nowra known and Yalwal.  At it's height the now quiet valleys and hills were a alive with the the noise of industry.  Gold was discovered in the area in 1872 sparking a gold rush, with hundred of miners moving to the area.  There is little sign of those days, other than the hand dug mines which dissappear into many of the hillsides.
The area is beautiful, the dam sits quietly reflecting the surrounding tree covered hills and blue sky.

The dam lies at the confluence of the Dangera and Yarramunmun Creeks which then forms Yalwal Creek which flows into the Shoalhaven River.


The dam was completed in 1971, it has a catchment area of 114 square kilometers, the height of the dam is 29.5 meters. The area is easily accessable these days, but as you decend into the valley you can't help but wonder at the effort the early pioneers put into cutting the road through such steep and unforgiving terrain moving machinery and stores with bullock teams and the extreme lengths mankind will go to seeking their fortunes.


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