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10 April 2018

Shark stories –Jervis Bay

I found this story in a copy of the Australian Womans Weekly dated March 5 1938.


Lured by the beauty of the blue-green of a rock pool, Miss Anne Grey set out on an adventure which might easily have ended in tragedy.  Lurking in the depths was a 7ft shark.

While on a holiday at Jervis Bay I went through an experience I shall never forget.  One morning I decided to go for a walk around the rocks.

After walkinjg some distance, I thought I would sit down and have a rest.  From the rock I was sitting on I noticed a delightful pool, so I took my shoes off and started to paddle. Looking towards the beach I noticed two fishermen coming in my direction.


One of them called, "Get your feet out of the water"

I just looked silly,  and still went on paddling, when all of a suden I was pulled up roughly to a standing position.  Then the fisherman said,  "Now look in that pool and consider yourself lucky your've still got your legs."

I looked and noticed a movement of what I thought was another rock.

It was a seven-foot shark which had been washed through a channel in the rocks and got caught in the pool.  The fishermen had seen it earlier and went back to get tackle to catch it.

When later I saw it dead and it's jaws open you can imagine how I felt. That was my greatest adventure.

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