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30 April 2018

Wandandian Hotel C.1917


A group of people waiting for Harrisons Cadillac.

Wandandian Hotel.

An application was brought before the Shoalhaven licensing Court on the 14th April 1897 by Francis Stapleton for a conditional hotel license to be situated at Wandandian. Mr. Stapleton who resided at Yatteyattah said in reply to Sergent Crawley's objection to the application "He believed a public
house was necessary at Wandandian; a man named Louitt who kept an accommodation house there told him he could not accommodate half the people that called, as his present building was not large enough, and he was not going to build anymore on to it, and he had heard of travelers stopping on the road for the night."

Sergent Crawley opposed the granting of the license, for the reason that a hotel was not required in the locality.

The Presiding Magistrate, after taking into account there was no guarantee Mr. Louitt's operation would continue into the future granted the license subject to the plans submitted being adhered to.

The Wandandian Hotel operated under many different owners and licensees for another 27 years until the hotel license was canceled by the Licence Reduction Board on October 17, 1924, bringing another chapter of the local regions history to an end.

Mr. E.C.Chard was the last owner/licensee of the Wandandian Hotel, his license to operate had only been renewed by the Licencing Board in July of the same year. He was compensated 1600 pounds by the Licencing Board for the closure.

Travellers-outside-the-Wandanian-Hotel ulladulla historical society

Travellers outside the Wandandian Hotel – Ulladulla / Milton Historical Society.

Licence Reduction Board - The purpose of the Board was to reduce the number of publican's licenses in New South Wales by selecting the public houses to be closed and fixing compensation payments. The Board was appointed for a period of three years from 1 January 1920.

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