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10 April 2018

Whaling in Jervis Bay.

15 July 1914.


Debate about the benifits of whalers operating from Jervis Bay was still going on.

News of the prospective arrival of Danish whalers in the bay was viewed with abhorrence by local residents. The locals could not see any benefit for the local economy saying the ships brought
all necessary supplies and did not deal locally, they also complained about the stench from the operation being unbearable.

Supporters of the whalers denied this and said the ships spent considerable amounts on stores and goods.

"It certainly does not seem possible for a vessel to carry provisions to last 100 men some months, let alone bunker coal."

Supporters saw the whaling industry growing and urged the Huskisson residents to reconsider the matter by welcoming and assisting the ships when they arrived in the bay.

Supporters  - The smell in the bay was not nearly as bad as alleged.  Anyhow, there's surely room for all.

- That last statement doesn't seem all the convincing! -

Have you wondered what whale oil could be used for.
Taken from the same paper.



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