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30 April 2018

Wandandian 1936.


In 1936 in the Catholic Press, a correspondent writing under the name of Bluebell had a column where children wrote in from all over the country, telling many wonderful and varied stories about their location and their life.

One such story was sent to him by a young Dorris Sperring in response to receiving a Christmas Card from Bluebell.

"My Dear Bluebell, – I received your very nice card and thought it was lovely.  Santa Clause brought me a sewing machine. Father Cannon said Holy Mass at Wandandian.  It was offered up for my little brother Ken,  I went to Confession and Holy Communion. Wandandian is situated 591/2 miles from Batemans Bay. It is a very small district.  There are two stores, a post office, and a sawmill.  It is mostly a dairy farming district.  I will close now,  Hoping you are well. 

Bluebell responded.
Glad you liked the card, dear Dorris, and that dear old Santa did not forget you. Thanks for telling me about Wandandian. I often wondered if it were a large town and all about it.  I am very well, thanks, my dear, and will be looking forward to hearing from you again, please, Doris.
Love from BLUEBELL.

These type of stories provide us with small pieces of interesting information about a particular point in time of our local history.


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