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25 February 2017

The Queen of Jervis Bay.

”You have lived on a long while.” we said.  ‘' Ah, yes, she answered, with a smile.  ‘I suppose my time’ll come”.

Feb 26th 1928 - Mary Golding, known as the Aboriginal Queen of Huskisson was laid to rest in a quiet little burial ground far up Currambene Creek   Mary was at the time the oldest resident in the district,  locals stated her age was between 105 and 108.   She always enjoyed good health right up until the week before she passed away.  Her mental faculties were remarkably clear,  she could relate stories of happenings in the early history of the district.  Her husband shown here was known as King Billy died some years before Mary.

Mary had been residing for many years with one of her daughters on the banks of Currambene Creek, Huskisson.  Residents of Huskisson and the police gave her every attention, except for being very thin,  she was a very well-preserved woman.

Not long before she died she was photographed and appeared in a pictorial daily, and needless to say,  was greatly pleased.

A few days before her death local residents paid a visit to Mary taking with them some tobacco, which they knew would cheer her old heart.  They found her sitting on a rug in the shade of a tree with her dogs about her.

In full possession of her senses, she conversed pleasantly, smoking the whole while,  and telling an interesting tale of the district  when there was no residents between Kiama and Nowra.

“You have lived on a long while,” we said.'  Ah, yes, she answered, with a smile.” I suppose my time will come”.

A few days later Mary became ill and was attended by the Nowra Doctor,  she passed away on the 25th and the funeral took place the next day.

A large number of people gathered in the lonely bush setting to pay a last tribute of respect to such an aged Australian.  The service at the graveside was particularly solemn and impressive,  with the shadow of the densely growing trees falling sombre across the grave.
So passed Mary Goulding,  may the earth rest lightly on her remains..

Mary was known by other names, Queen Golden, Mary Goulding, Mary Golden and Queen Mary.


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