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7 February 2017

A poem about Jervis Bay 1930

With compliments and apologies to The Colonel.

A fantastic poem about Jervis Bay and Captain Wilmot,

Who was Captain Wilmot?

colonelCaptain Wilmot was quite a character,  he was well known in the Huskisson area in the 1930’s,  after his retirement from the railways, he moved to Jervis Bay and lived rough on the sand spit opposite Huskisson with his Foxy dog.
He earned a meagre living as a ferryman for holiday makers wanting to cross the creek,  charging two shillings (20 cents) a head.  He was a  likable character and entertained visitors with poems and stories.
Seen here with his little Fox terrier dog,  which would perform tricks for the tourists.


I stood one morn, upon the cliff,
As dawn flashed o'er the sea ;
A golden path of sparkling waves,
In glory came to me.
The waves rolled on the yellow beach,
And crashed in foam and spray ;
Up rose the glorious orb of light,
For night had crept away.
A flock of snow white gulls flew o'er,
The ripple round the reef ;
The fishing boats chugged home from toil,
No zephyr stirred a leaf.
And 'neath my feet an emerald rug
Of Nature's carpet lay ;
The lighthouse in the distance stood,
The guardian of the Bay.
A magpie warbled to the morn,
High up a leafy gum,
And insects bright and many bees,
Made music with a hum.|
The scented smoke from many a home
Rose softly in the air,
Oh lovely day ! Oh shining Bay,
What scene could be so fair,
Lo ! from the wharf a boatman glides,
Across the mirrored tide,
A " foxy " in the bow is poised,
He loves his morning ride ;
The kindly Colonel plies the oar,
To reach the sandy spit ;
His craft is watertight and " strong ''
The Colonel too is " fit.'"
" Not know the Colonel '' did you say ?
Why man he's known for miles,
His jokes, his dogs, his bait, his boat,
Have won him friendly smiles.
No winsome lass might trust to me,
Perhaps not trust to you, .
But they would trust this well known friend,
O'er miles of rippling blue.
Old friend when once again I " trek "
To stroll on Jervis Beaches,
To smell the brine, or spoil good twine
In fishing from the reaches,
I'll ask for you, and " foxy " too ;
And hope you're there to greet me,
Should you first reach the " Shining Strand,"
Look round and kindly meet me.

Here we see Captain Wilmot entertaining visitors near Sharknet Beach.

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