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23 February 2017

A scene from the past.

Today we had the good fortune to have a very historic visitor in the bay.
Very early this morning in the distanct haze and light you could make out the silhouette of a three-masted sailing ship at anchor near Honeymoon Bay.

The tall ship James Craig.

1874 - Built in Sunderland England  she was first launched as the “
Clan Macleod”
Plying the world trade routes for 26 years, carrying general cargo,  rounding Cape Horn 26 times.
1905 -The name was changed to the James Craig.
She was purchased by br Mr J.J. Craig of Auckland, New Zealand, who used her on trans-Tasman trade routes carrying general cargo.
1911- she was laid up because of competition from steamers and was eventually stripped and used as a copra hulk in New Guinea.
Early 1920’s – She was bought by Henry Jones “IXL” and refitted in Sydney, but her return to service was brief.
1925 – She was reduced to a coal hulk at Recherche Bay Tasmania.
1932 – She was abandoned and became beached after breaking her moorings in a storm where she remained until 1972.
1972 – Volunteers from the Sydney Heritage Fleet refloated her.
1973 – She was towed to Hobart and temporary repairs carried out.
1981 – She was towed to Sydney and restoration work commenced.
1997 – The James Craig’s restored hull was relaunched.

She is one of only four Barques still capable of sailing world wide, and the only one in the southern hemisphere. She now reguarly carries the general public to sea.
She is a full restoration not a replica.

This morning.

Around 7.15am she slowly started to make her way out of the bay in a scene reminiscent of the early 1900’s,  she soon disappeared into the haze behind Bowen Island to continue her journey south.


At anchor in the early morning golden light near Honey Moon Bay.


Leaving the bay in the early morning haze.


After posting the story above Alan Woods sent us this photo of the James Craig entering the bay under sail yesterday afternoon -  22nd Feb.

James Craig. https://www.shf.org.au/explore-the-fleet/our-operational-vessels/james-craig-1874-tall-ship/




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