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6 February 2017

Net mending at Huskisson

The four main industries which kept local people employed in Huskisson in the early 20th century were tourism, fishing, ship building and the timber industry,  all were closly linked.  This photograph shows fishermen repairing their nets near the present day Huskisson wharf.

In the background you can see the timber guest house “Ingleburn” which was sighted on the land which has just recently been rezoned as “community land”.   This was after a heated community debate about what this land would be used for in the future.   The majority of the community wanting to keep the site open to preserve the wonderful view of the river,  and the other side wanting to develop the site into a commercial venture.
A nice relaxed photograph of men mending nets near the present day wharf at Huskisson.

There are some interesting things to see in this photograph.
The long net spread out with floats attached,  the casual stroll of the man in the distance slowly walking towards the water with his hands in his pocket, the casual manner of the relaxed fishermen,  the tilt of the hat on the man on the left,,,,the rolled up trousers, the mens bare feet, enabling them to hold the net taunt while they repair the net,  a story revealed in this brief moment captured in time.


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