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1 August 2017

Ships in the bay–August 2017

Today we have two Australian Navy Ships conducting exercises in the bay.
05 - HMAS Melbourne (III)  and 152 - HMAS Warramunga (FFH 152). They made an impressive site this morning set against the background of Point Perpendicular. While HMAS Melbourne stayed at anchor,  HMAS Warramunga appeared to be doing small boat defensive exercises.  Two small boats were darting repeatedly back and fourth at high speed towards the Warramunga as she did fast turns from port the starboard.  Quite amazing to see such a large ship turning and heeled right over under full power.

05 - HMAS Melbourne (III) - HMAS Warramunga (FFH 152)

  152 - HMAS Warramunga (FFH 152).  - 05 - HMAS Melbourne (III)

HMAS Melbourne (III) Set against the glare of the early sun and Point Perpendicular.


HMAS Melbourne (III) - Adelaide class guided missile frigate - The name Melbourne has been carried by two former RAN warships: a light cruiser 1913-1928, and an aircraft carrier 1955-1982.


HMAS Warramunga over towards Callala Bay. The Warramunga is an Anzac Class Frigate, commissioned in 2001 for the Australian Navy.




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