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30 August 2017

A New Motor Boat.

Nowra Leader 1923.

A correspondent writes:
There will be launched shortly at Woollamia, Currambene Creek, a motor launch now being completed by the owner, Mr. Deprose.  The boat which is 37 ft long when in the water will represent one of the best of this kind of craft built on the Currambene.  She will have all conveniences for holiday makers,  men, women, and children who may decide on a day's outing on Jervis Bay.
The correspondent in verse concludes with the following advice to Mr Deprose on the subject of naming the launch:

Out in the bush he felled the frame
And bought it to this scene,
With skillful hands he built it up
Close to the Currambene

Assisted by his good wife Jean
No failure did he fear,
She was the only help he had
His manly heart to cheer.

Soon the launch will leave the slips
To kiss the Currambene
I hope he'll leave the names aside
And call her little Jean.

I have been unable to find any more information about this vessel
I wonder if he ended up naming her Little Jean?


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