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18 August 2017

On this Day

Today 18th August 2017.
This weekend the Old Point Perpendicular Lighthouse will come back into operation as part of the
16th annual International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend. The light was built in 1899 to replace the Cape St George Lighthouse which was built in the wrong location.   In 1993 due to rising operating costs, the lighthouse was decommissioned and replaced with a steel tower structure that was operated by Solar panels.
The old light is a lot brighter and revolves in an anti clockwise rotation. It is well worth the trouble to make your way to the waters edge to see this rare event.
The light will be operational until Sunday Night.



john-jervis-2Two more historic events occured on this day.

The first was 229 years ago on the 18th August 1788 when the transport ship the Atlantic under the command of Archibald Armstrong entered Jervis Bay.
The naval agent was Lt. Richard Bowen,  during their time in the bay, Bowen charted and surveyed the bay,  and named the discovery “Port Jervis” in honour of Sir John Jervis.

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Sir John Jervis.


The Atlantic sailing past Point Perpendicular as she entered Jervis Bay,  as depicted by Ian Henson.

The second event occured 171 years ago and would forever link Coollangatta in Queensland with the Shoalhaven when on the 18th August 1846. The brigantine “The Coolangatta”, named by Alexander Berry after his station which in turn was named after Mount Coolangatta, was wrecked in a storm. The place was between Point Danger, where the boundary between NSW and Queensland was made in 1859, and Cut Hill. The place was called Coolangatta after the wreck of the ship.
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Advertising  The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser Sat 18 Aug 1923.

Take notice of the Telephone number!



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