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9 August 2016

Working barge – Huskisson.

8th August 2016.
Jervis bay was a hive of activity yesterday, while the Yacht Alexander was being taken off Hyams Beach,  (story below),  a large barge was being positioned at the entrance to Currambene Creek Huskisson carrying a large digger.
Im not sure what the purpose was,  maybe one of our readers might know.

I have been informed they were dredging the river mouth……not sure how long this will last,  more than likely the next large swell or torential rain will just deposit more sand and the entrance will be as it was before. 

Large sailing vessel slips quietly out of the bay.

Earlier that morning in a scene straight out of the early 1900’s and in complete contrast to all the noisy activity of work,  a large white two masted yacht that had spent the night moored near Hole in the Wall  slipped quiety out of the bay and into the sunrise.

leaving-the-bayRounding Bowen Island.
large-two-master-leaving-the-bay-1Sailing into the sunrise.


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