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10 August 2016

Take a trip back in time.

Another beautiful old image from the museum’s collection.
700-Ken-Lymbery-a-smallKen Lymbery.

While I was researching this morning I came upon the above image of this old Chevrolet truck driven by Ken Lymbery from the 20’s near Jervis Bay.  It made me think of a old 1927 Chevrolet truck I had just done tailgate signs for,   I wondered if it looked anything like the above image.

In an amazing coincidence while I was looking at the picture I heard the distinctive sound of an old Klakston horn blast,   and to my almost disbelief there was the 1927 Chevrolet in my driveway.  I knew Rob was coming over to pick up another sign for the truck that will sit above the cab,  but I didn’t know he would do it in his old truck.  He decided to bring the truck over to show me where the signs were being used.

Rob bought the truck 30 years ago as a rusted wreck,  fortunately most of the timber work was still intact laying in pile on the rusting chassis, this gave him templates to reconstruct the timber cab and other timber parts.,  it’s been a long process to get it looking like it does today.

Its an amazing truck,  and a credit to his determination, The similarities between the trucks is amazing.

Rob uses the truck around the Jervis Bay area,  you may see it some day yourself, and don’t forget to give him a wave.




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