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29 August 2016

Shark Net Beach.

Im sure the many visitors to the area who take a leisurely stroll along Sharknet Beach,  must wonder what the two large concrete blocks are that sit proud of the rocks at low tide and flank either side of the  beach.

Im sure there are a lot of locals that don’t know what they are either. If the name of the beach doesn't’ give you a clue,  I'm not sure what will.

I took this shot recently, you can just make out the second block on the other side of the bay.  It was used as one of the fixing points for the Shark Net that use to be erected  every summer to protect the tourists and locals from the many sharks that use to be seen in the bay. 
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Here is an image from an old postcard showing the net in position.
Shoalhaven Telegraph November 1932.
The following article in 1932 shows the desire by the Local Huskisson and Jervis Bay Improvement League to have the baths erected.
Nowra Leader October 1937.
By 1937 the baths were in place and were being well used by locals and visitors alike.

The article also mentions the Huskisson Golf Links which I have already covered in a previous post. – Continue Reading.

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