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17 August 2016

Old Barrels Exposed

Two local friends, Nina and Michael Strachan,  were exploring the north side of the bay on the weekend 13/14th August 2016 - in their canoes and came upon a very interesting discovery .

The recent large swells have eroded the shoreline,  and the remains of what appear to be two timber barrels are sticking up out of the clay bank.

They appear to have a black substance within the remains,  and are surrounded by small rocks.

Their located in the area where Captain Kinghorn’s land based whaling operatation was conducted in 1840.  If indeed they proved to be from that era, that would make them around 176 years old.

It’s hard to imaging timber surviving that long,  but entraped within the mud and protected from the air you never know..

However old they are,  they are very interesting…

Read more on Captain Kinghorn and whaling in Jervis Bay.
Thank you Michael and Nina for sending us these photographs.

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