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19 May 2016

Warden Head Lighthouse.

Also known as Ulladulla light house.

Originally built on the Ulladulla Breakwater in 1873, the light was shifted to Warden Head in 1879. It is one of only two lighthoses in New South Wales made from wrought iron plates, the other is Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse.

The Warden Head Lighthouse in 1879 at its original location on the Ulladulla Breakwater. Public Domain.

In  1920, the original oil lamp was replaced with a flashing light powered by acetylene gas for automatic operation, and the station was unmanned. The next conversion was to electricity in 1964. The light is now battery operated and float charged from 240 volt mains supply.

Its keeper's house was relocated to a different location in the 1920s. Public Domain.

This image is a slide from my own collection  - 1978.

12th July 2016
Today I was at Ulladulla and thought Id take a quick detour out to the old lighthouse.
It has been a quite a few years since I was there.    Standing in front of the lighthouse  was a group of people with binoculars in hand peering out to sea hoping for a glimpse of a migrating whale during their journey north to breed.

The Lighthouse.

I was a bit shocked to see the condition of the lighthouse,  the structure needs some serious work done,  there is rust starting to run down the outside of the steelwork,  some of the hand rails are starting to deteriorate badly and look like they are not far away from breaking in half.  What a shame,  lets hope the relevant authorities get together and save this beautiful old light,  it would be such a shame to see it left to fall apart as the Greenwell Point Lighthouse was.

There is an obvious difference between the 1978 image above and todays image.




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