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27 May 2016

Local facts


The mail contract of the year for Tomerong and Huskisson would run twice a week – James Tyrrel delivered the mail by hourseback at the rate of 24 pounds for the year.

The mail service between Tomerong and Huskisson was approved by the Post Master General to run 3 days a week. – The contractors fee was increased by 14 pounds p.a.

Vehicle licence fees were one shilling per vehicle and sixpence for a drivers licence.


I bet you didn’t know Huskisson had it’s own golf links.
In 1930 a minature golf course was installed at the side of the Jervis Bay Hotel Huskisson, It had natural turf giving full opportunity for golfers and other players to practice difficult approach and putting shots.

When the “man-o’-war’s’ came to port the minature links proved quite an attraction,  with onlookers showing great interest in the game.

A motion was put to the Clyde Shire Council by Mr Harrison, tourist and publicity agent for the Shoalhaven on behalf of the Huskisson Progress Association for a 9 hole golf course to be built on Crown Land west of Huskisson  -

The links were prepared by the council on the provision the locals people helped as well.
Local men and women rallied to the cause,   nearly every Huskisson resident pitched in, while the men swung axes, cleared timber and brush  the women folk raked the fairways and burnt off the rubbish.


Nowra Leader 1937.

1938 - Unfortuantely the venture fell through, some thought the distance of about a mile and a half out of town hindered patronage of the course. The club paid the council what money it had raised to the amount of 12 pounds to help towards the council’s expenses in building the course..


After much lobying by locals,  power to Tomerong and Huskisson was supplied in 1938,  but only to the street lights between 7pm to 10pm, connection to houses proceeded soon after.


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