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24 May 2016

Mystery object.

What was it used for?

This tool is part of the museums collection. There wasn’t any information about what the tool was,  or what it was used for. 

Until today! the mystery has been solved.

Fortunately the tool gave us a clue.
The wording on one side of the long handle – “THE BERG RIM TOOL”.
The other side of the handle has “PROV. PAT. No 20095/24”.

In the age of spoked wheels and split rims.
”It was used for removing demountable split rims from tires and replacing said rims upon the tires”.

The tool was invented by Australian “Francis Henry Berg” around 1924,  and released onto the Australian market in 1925.

Francis Henry Berg invented  other products for the automobile industry including a Steering stabaliser around 1932,  Improvements in shock obsorbers 1937,   Improved piston and valve assembly for tubular hydraulic shock absorbers 1929, 1930, and 1936. 

Description of the tool at the time of release.
"The instrument consists of a rack and pinion with three arms that lengthen or shorten as required,  and with little effort on a lever the rim is quickly broken or replaced".

The distributing agent for was A. G. Healing & CO., PTY., LTD.,  and  cost 32 pounds and 6 shillings.





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