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26 May 2016

East Coast Low – ”There was a roll on”

25th May  - Today we had a very intense east coast low that produced 5-6 meter swell along the south east coast of Australia.  The normally flat protected waters of Jervis Bay saw large rolling waves hitting the points and beaches.

Today was exceptional in it’s beauty, westerly winds groomed the bay, soft whispy, wind swept clouds in a crystal blue sky, and the warm winter sun making a journey to the sea shore a very pleasant experience…

The New Zealand Navy are still using the bay for training exercises, even from a distance you could see them rolling from side to side in the large swell sweeping through the entrance of the bay.

Here are a few photos from today.

IMG_5423Refueler - HMNZS Endeavour entering the bay early Wednesday Morning.
HMNZS Endeavour rolling in the swell as she crossed the bay.
IMG_5394Large plumes of spray smashing the reef at longnose point.
IMG_5580HMNZS Tekaha behind a rolling sea.
IMG_5613HMNZS Tekaha

“East coast lows”  have been responsible for some of the worst maritime disasters along our coast.  I have posted  other stories about this type of intense system and the tragic consequenses of being caught at sea during one of these events.
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