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19 October 2015

“This is the story of the homecoming of a Lady of the Sea, and of the many people who dreamed a dream and gave it their all”


Just in case we all forget why this museum exists in the first place.

Anyone that doesn’t know the story behind the Lady Denman and why and how she came to be where she is today,  Id suggest you get yourself a copy of the locally produced book called  “No way to treat a Lady”.   Written by “Ross Saunders”,  it contains photographs and information gained from many hours of research and interviews with the people involved.   It’s a truly fascinating story, containing passion, intrigue, personal sacrifice, and the ultimate victory of those years of hard work is one of the premium regional museums in Australia.

Once known as the Lady Denman Heritage Complex and now known as the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum.

I had a person recently say.  It’s just a museum about old boats isn’t it”.  She was very surprised once i explained to her what the museum has to offer the local community and how it came about..”and no it’s not just about old boats”.  That’s just part of the story.

Here are a few shots from the decks of the “Lady”


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