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29 October 2015

Record Wheat Price

Woollamia wheat crop wins highest awards.

The Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate - Friday 20th May 1921

When you think of Woollamia you don’t necessarily think of growing wheat, but in 1921 two farmers on the Woollamia Estate agreed to grow five acres of wheat, one to do the work,  and the other to acquire the seed.

The crop produced the record yield of 53 bushels per acre. A bushel of this wheat was awarded first  prize at an exhibition at Green Hills, Shoalhaven, that year, the remarkable feature being  that it was 7lb heavier than any other bushel of wheat exhibited at the show.

The wheat was afterwards purchased by the late Henry Moss, of Nowra, who
afterwards exhibited it at every show in the State at that period, winning everywhere.

It was afterwards taken to America, where it won all before it. It is claimed that
£3 per bushel constitutes a record for the golden grain.


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