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21 October 2015

The Mangrove forest - a whole different world.


The museum gives the visitor a unique opportunity to see some wondrous things, and for the anyone looking for another adventure may I suggest a walk along the elevated timber platform that winds it’s way through the mangrove forest on the eastern side of the museum.

Take your time, walk quietly and with as much stealth as possible,  and you will be rewarded with colour, texture, and all sorts of life.  Observe the small things, take the time to absorb the sounds, Id be very surprised if you didn’t enjoy the experience.

During the different tides the experience is totally different,  so come back on the opposite tide and have a whole new adventure.

I went on a walk this morning and shot just a few of the textures, colour and life that await the observant. There is much, much, more. - enjoy!

IMG_2113 IMG_2135

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