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28 October 2015

Husky pool celebrates 50 years

The Husky Ocean Pool (Huskisson) is celebrating 50 years

563-First-swimming-baths-HuskissonThe first pool built at Huskisson was at Sharknet Beach – later this pool constructed from rocks was near where the current pool  is located.
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54-Aerial-view-Huskisson-1961Huskisson pool site. 


The Huskisson Sea Pool celebrates its 50th anniversary this Friday and the community is invited to come along and participate in the event. Shoalhaven City Council will be hosting a special morning tea to acknowledge the milestone and signify the official pool opening for the upcoming swimming season.Mayor, Joanna Gash says the Huskisson Sea Pool is an iconic part of the local seascape since it was commissioned in 1965.The pool is open six days a week from 6am until 8pm during summer and autumn each year. The facility is closed Thursdays for emptying, cleaning and refilling subject to tidal movements.



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