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7 May 2015

Shoalhaven Snippets

Small stories from local newspapers.
Shoalhaven Telegraph, January 7th 1903 _ The new Shoalhaven by-laws

“Any person who shall suffer any kind of swine or any ass,  horse, mule, sheep, goat, or any horned cattle belonging to him or her,  or under his or her charge, to stray or go aboard or to be tethered or de-pastured in any street or public place within that portion of the municipality beyond the town boundary shall,  on conviction,  forfeit and pay for such offence a sum not exceeding forty shillings and not less than five shillings”

Moona Creek 1903.
A correspondent,  writing from Jervis Bay,  draws attention to the need of a footbridge across Moona Creek.
Moona Creek Footbridge design - Shoalhaven Telegraph, July 1921.
The trustees of Deas-Thomson Estate, of 2500 acres,  submitted a design for a footbridge over Moona Creek 340 ft long. _ It was decided by council that the plan was not up to a standard design.



I took these this morning, 7th May 2015, there are still some remnants of the footbridge to be seen.


Daily coach to Captains Point – The Shoalhaven News and South Coast Districts Advertiser. 1913

Ben Loutit has started a daily coach to Captain’s Point, arriving here about seven o’clock each night,  and departing the next morning early for Nowra via Huskisson.
    It is also the intention of Mr Thomson to start a similar line for the convenience of Captain Point residence.

In 1913, Travellers were transported by horse and buggy with the journey from Nowra to Huskisson taking 2 hours or more,  depending on the weather and road conditions.

By 1916, vehicle’s had replaced the horse drawn passenger coaches.
The roads were still in a bad state, potholed, corrugated, and poorly maintained, the trip would often have been a very uncomfortable affair.


George Dent, always one of the first to see opportunity, quickly invested in transporting visitors and locals.
Above is George Dents first Service Car.


The above advertisement appeared in the Shoalhaven Telegraph 1916.

School of Arts Huskisson. 1913
The School of Arts is making headway just now.  Cards and Dominoes and Chess for the winter evenings,  with and occasional concert.

Meaning: Moona, Aboriginal for plenty.


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