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2 May 2015

Rainbow Warrior

If your wondering what the two masted ship is anchored on the far side of the bay at Montague Roadstead is ?,…..  it’s the Greenpeace vessel the ‘ Rainbow Warrior”.  It looks like a scene from the early 19th century, when sailing ships would call into the bay and seek shelter at Montague Roadstead from storms, or to resupply their water and food, and sometimes recruit men for a life at sea on the old whaling ships..
The sailing ships of their time were  highly evolved technical achievements,  this ship is no different.  view the video to find out more about this amazing ship.

Early this morning before dawn I could see a large array of bright red lights reaching into the sky on the far side of the bay, on what appeared to be a four masted boat of some description. It wasn’t until after the sun rose and I shot this pic with my long lens, I could make out what it was,  it still didn’t explain the four masts, until i watched the video.


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