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12 May 2015

Jervis Bay Snippets 1907

Shoalhaven Telegraph April 1907.

This articles takes us back to a time when simple games and quickly arranged sporting events were enough to keep the population of Huskisson and surrounds happy,  you can feel the sense of community from the article.
      It also shows us how the Dent Family of shipbuilders were diversifying into tourism,  and just how much the people from the district were hoping that the long proposed tram way would eventually arrive at Jervis Bay and bring prosperity to all.

74-Owen-Street,-Huskisson-1920s---a Huskisson main street.


There was to have been a regatta at the Bay on Saturday,  but the strong and treacherous westerly wind caused the owners of the boats some uneasiness,  and finally agreed to postpone the event.

About mid-day quite a crowd had turned up to the wharf - almost the entire population one would think - including many ladies.

There are three boats engaged in fishing at Currambine,  and their crews - as jolly and  "sporty" a crowd as could be found anywhere - provided some amusement.

They matched one another against each other in skiffs,  and someone else against the winner,  until every man had beaten all the others.  Then they repeated the performance in pairs and finished with a boys' race.

"A tarpaulin muster "raised a few  "bob" for a duck and dinghy race.  Jimmy May,  who has been the "duck"  in similar event for years volunteered to keep out of Charlie Ganderton's clutches for 10 minutes.  The chase was very funny while it lasted,  but Jimmy succumbed in three minutes.

An adjournment was made to the tram terminus,  at least where it might be,  and a handicap footrace was run.  Charlie Ganderton was again victorious,  though he just beat L. Dent.

The genial host of the Jervis Bay Hotel then introduced a game for the ladies he said,  but they were a bit shy at first,  though they made warm when they started.  A stick with a shilling on top was the objective,  and the competitors were expected to knock the silver off,  after being blindfolded and turned inside out,  the ladies did well at this,  but Mr Cambourn's chivalry surely let them chance one eye at the shilling.  It was amusing to see some of the attempts,  and everyone was in great humour.


Jervis Bay Hotel from this time. J. Cambourn Licensee

The regatta will be held on Saturday week.  It's a bad day to expect visitors,  but,  of course,  it suits the fishermen,  and they make the race.  A few field sports might be arranged for the afternoon,  thus filling in the day.

Mr Cambourn in making baths at the Bay.  He has erected a dressing shed,  and with wire netting purposes to make the place perfectly safe from sharks.

With a magnificent sheet of water, sea and lake fishing, oil launches,  sailing boats,  shooting,  oysters,  and excellent accommodation,  Jervis Bay cannot have any superior as a tourist resort.  Messrs Fred and Dick Dent each has an oil launch,  and there will shortly be another available,  in expectation of a good time summer.

Mr Dick Dent has been giving the lobsters a trial,  but they are not to plentiful just now.  He has had some good catches,  and the price paid for them in Sydney makes the game fairly remunerative.

If the tramway idea is carried through,  those people who have property at the Bay will be on a  pretty good wicket.  There are a fairly large number of houses scattered about now,  and it does not seem to much of a strain on the imagination to picture the whole of the land between,  say,  the school and the hotel,  built upon,  and kept going to a very large extent by a tourist trade.


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