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9 February 2015

Seagull sinks in Jervis Bay.

The Riverine Grazier, Friday 25 March 1938.

”A Seagull Amphibian sea plane struck some floating debris, while taxiing across the waters of Jervis Bay, The plane was holed and sunk in deep water, about 150 yards from the beach,  the crew were rescued.”

It appears from my research the plane was eventually recovered, I found this image, and I’m presuming this is the same plane, as I can find no other reference to a similar incident at Jervis Bay. If you have further information please contact us.

Photo: Collection of the late CPO Bill Westwood, RAN, courtesy of his son John Westwood, RANR Sydney Port Division, 1965-1972.

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  “We don't know much about this particular mishap, except that notes in Ross Gillett's 1988 book 'Wings across the Sea' tell
us that it shows cruiser HMAS SYDNEY [II]''s Seagull V amphibian A2-4 "immersed in the sea" at  Jervis Bay in March 1938, and that she had struck the side of the cruiser on February 28, three weeks earlier.”
ref: https://www.flickr.com/photos/41311545@N05/5984189661/

To find out the fascinating history behind this aircraft I would suggest a visit to
Australian Flying.com

The photograph above is not the plane in question, but is from the Museums historic photograph collection.

If you have any old photographs in your collection relating to Jervis Bay, we would love to see them.

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