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11 February 2015

Fact or Fiction.

This small snippet appeared in the Ulladulla and Milton times 1916.
Along side the maritime stories spiced with drama, mystery and melancholy, stories like this appear in the local papers.   In the great Australian tradition of not letting the truth stand in the way of a good story, one can only wonder!
  “Peter the sailor, an old identity of Wandandian, was out rabbit shooting one day last week  (writes a correspondent of the Shoalhaven Telegraph’'), when he saw a snake enter a small tuft of grass.  After poking in the grass for some time with the barrel of the gun,  and failing to locate his snakeship,  the old chap gave up the hunt,  and returned homeward.  Some time later he was about to put a cartridge in the gun, when he was surprised and horrified to see two gleaming eyes.  Investigation showed that while poking about in the grass, the snake had crawled into the gun barrel,  and making himself at home,  he remained their till his right of possession was disputed by the cartridge.  The snake had the worst of the investigation.”

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