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19 February 2015

New museum Image

This weekend marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the Museum.
A new signage plan has been implemented, The old signs that have graced the entrances on Dent Street and Woollamia Road for over 15 years have come down, and tomorrow will see work start on new signs erected in their place.

A new web site will be launched and most important a new name.

for-webThe museum will be now know as The Jervis Bay Maritime Museum.

New Colours, new fonts,  It’s a positive change designed to take the museum into the future, while keeping pace with today’s trend in museum development.

Over the last few months  there have been many changes and developments, new solar panels grace the roof of the museum and are providing all the power the museum needs and more, The Halloran Collection is undergoing restoration, one piece at a time, new exhibitions with a more professional approach have everyone involved excited about the future, promotion of the museum is an ongoing problem, where best to put the limited money available to get the best possible returns, our marketing manager has been updating local adds to fit the new image and has been instrumental in driving some of the changes.

As we go forward everyone involved has worked hard to get us to this point, and with the support of the volunteers the future looks bright.

Arthur-Boyd-Outdoor-Flag-Banners(1) We have some exciting exhibitions coming up, starting with the Arthur Boyd Exhibition opening on the 28th February.
Come along, see the changes, and be inspired by the beautiful works of art on display.

You may never get to see this exhibition as it is again.

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