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10 November 2014

Wreck of the Relic

Foundered in calm seas on the North East coast of Tasmania.
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Launched at Huskisson in 1903 as the Reliance and later renamed as the Relic.
A 93ft wooden topsail schooner of 113 tons register built by Henry Dent.

For some years she had been continuously employed in the timber trade between Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart.

Headline announcing the wreck in the Hobart Mercury.

Tuesday March 29th, 1910
At the time of it's foundering it was being used to ship 62.00ft of timber for the Hobart Timber Company from Adventure Bay to Adelaide.

The Captain Chas, J, Brown originally intended to to proceed via the west coast but weather conditions evidently necessitated she travel in the opposite direction.

Saturday 2nd April.
North of Eddystone she ran into bad weather and sort shelter in the Bay of Fires.
7 o’clock
The Eddystone lighthouse keeper reported her passing south at 7 O’clock.
A telegram was received at the office of the Hobart Marine Board by superintendent Neilson, of Eddystone lighthouse reporting the wreck of the schooner Runic, but the name was subsequently corrected to Relic.


The Reliance at Huskisson 1903, renamed the Relic ready for launch.

She has struck a rock and is sinking fast.

It was reported she had struck a submerged rock while passing inside of Eddystone Rock and the impact so great as to at once place the vessel in great danger.

The captain attempted to beach the vessel, but it was sinking fast, realising there was no hope of saving her, he ordered the crew to the boat which was carried.

She foundered shortly afterwards in deep water, leaving only the topmast showing out of the water.

No difficulty was experienced getting the crew in the vessels boat and ashore, but they lost most of their belongings,
the crew had landed at Eddystone Point some three-quarters of a mile from the scene of the wreck.
The sea was calm but hazy with a moderate W.S.W wind and sea.

The crew were picked up by the steamer Koonookarra and arrived at Launceston Tasmania on the 6th of April.

She had been stranded before.
In 1904 At this time she was owned by Mr James Dent of Huskisson, the vessel went ashore at Adventure Bay, and was bought as she lay by the Current Owners Messrs, Grey Bros who refloated her and repaired her.

Eddystone Point.
81ft high is the extreme N.E point of Tasmania forming the northern point of the Bay of Fires.
There have been several wrecks in the vicinity of the Relic.

Vessel Specs:
Formally owned by Mr Games Dent, shipbuilder of Huskisson, Jervis Bay.
Owner, Messrs. Grey Bros, Hobart
113 tons
Length, 93ft.4inches
Beam, 23ft. 9 inches
Depth, 7ft. 7 inche
Insured by the New Zealand Insurance Company for 1000 pounds.

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