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9 November 2014

The real story.

The joy of History as it comes to life.
Articles come to life that help verify information we have attached to certain historic photographs.
As time passes information is lost, other information comes from vague memories, through research we can sometimes get lucky and add some clarity to a photograph.
This is an example, there was some confusion as to the name of this vessel seen below.
The records attached to this photograph in the Museums collection state that it showed the Dove on the shores of Huskisson.
Research has shown that it was actually the Reliance later to be renamed the Relic.

Original photograph titled the Dove prior to launch.

Evening News Saturday 22 July 1905.
Capture 7 



REF” http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/114461985?searchTerm=ships%20built%20in%20jervis%20bay&searchLimits=

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